All Prestigious Pedicures include:
A warm in-house salt soak, trimmed cuticles, and callus treatment as needed. A foot massage and warm moist towel to finish off along with your choice of polish or buff.
*** Our foots scrub and salt soak are all made in house with the freshness and cleanest ingredients.


Enjoy our simplest step pedicure with a therapeutic citrus, apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil salt soak to help tired, sore, and fungus feet. Using a treatment of our fresh lime foot exfoliant Epsom salt to scrub away that dry, flaky dead skin, followed by an extend 10 mins legs massage


Treat yourself with a lavender, peppermint essential bath foot-salt soak for much more than just relaxation, but the benefits go well beyond just being a soothing end to a stressful day. Stress relief, reducing muscle aches. Then pamper yourself with a relaxing 10 mins legs massage while allowing your feet to merge inward paraffin wax, 10 minutes shoulder massage


We design this pedicure with hone and milk to help open your pores, clear away dirt and oil. and hydrate your skin. We use apple cider vinegar, lime, and honey for foot soak also to help anti fungal. Then pamper yourself with a relaxing 10-minutes feet and 10-minutes shoulder massage


This service is meant to destress overworked muscles. Embrace your feet in black tea, rose petal and rose essential oil. This scrub bar greatly helps with Epsom salt skin removed, new skin cell, a regular exercise with a coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and beet root powder. This service also includes a hydro-allergenic paraffin wax while indulging in a 15 minutes feet massage, 10 minutes hot stone, and a 5 minutes shoulder massage.


Enjoy 75 minutes to pamper and detox yourself with us in house mix of activator charcoal foot soak and scrub, and clay mask leaving your skin moisture and smooth. Includes in this experience is 10 minutes legs and 10 minutes hot stone massage while allowing your feet 10 merge in a warm paraffin wax. Then ending this ultimate relaxation with a 10 mins shoulder massage